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Climate change and the environment
The global economy
Palestine and the Middle East

Climate change and the environment

8 ways climate change is making he world more dangerous.
What is the true cost of eating meat.
Finland to be carbon neutral by 2035. One of the fastest targets ever set.
We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup. George Monbiot argues that we need to challenge the corporations that urge us to live in a throwaway society rather than seeking ‘greener’ ways of maintaining the status quo.
ICC, the Hague court, will prosecute government and individuals for environmental crimes such as landgrabs Land-grabbing has become increasingly common worldwide, leading to forced evictions, malnutrition, cultural and environmental destruction.
Oil spills by Shell in the Niger delta will take 30 years to clean up, says UN - Shell and other oil firms systematically contaminated a 1,000 sq km (386 sq mile) area of Ogoniland.
British firms lead rush in Africa on land for bio-fuels - Controversial fuel crops linked to rising food prices and hunger, as well as increased greenhouse gas emissions.
Water use in UK deepens global food crisis
E-waste trade is the unacceptable face of recycling- read about how computer waste ends up in giant trash piles in Africa, India and China
World's poor overwhelmed by rubbish - a series of photographs that show how developing countries bare the brunt of waste and pollution

The global economy

Smallholder farmers become poorer as a result of large-scale farmland investments- Sierra Leone's smallholder farmers 'worse off' after large land deals.
Inequality is the biggest threat to the world and needs to be tackled now - by Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.
Could Ecuador be the most radical and exciting place on Earth? - Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, writes about how economic and social reforms are transforming Ecuador.
The Mauritius Miracle - If tiny Mauritius has successfully built a social welfare state then why can't we? - Joseph Stiglitz
How food and water are driving a 21st-century African land grab
Top ten reasons to oppose the IMF


La Via Campasina calls for action agianst the WTO and its free trade agreements for causing a criminal level of inequality in the world and undermining food sovereignity.
West's billions in subsidy shut out African cotton growers - Cotton farmers in west Africa are losing out on vital income because of subsidies paid to rival growers in the EU and the US.
EU tramples on India's poor - The EU is pushing an unsavoury free trade deal that would force India to give up control of its banking sector and drugs industry.
George Monbiot - Rich countries once used gunboats to seize food. Now they use trade deals.
Help ourselves by helping others - Joseph Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton provide startling facts on how European subsidies and tarrifs strangle trade with poor countries

Palestine and the Middle East

How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones - about the brutal interrogation of young Palestinians
Israeli academic claims Israeli school textbooks turn children against Palestinians
BBC: Q&A on the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN
Robert Fisk: Why bombing Ashkelon is the most tragic irony - on the history of Gaza
Seamus Milne: Expulsion and dispossession can't be cause for celebration -The demand to make Palestinian rights a reality is no longer simply a matter of justice but also of self-interest
John Pilger: On Iraq and Terrorism - Watch this excerpt from an interview with John Pilger, the distinguished campaigning journalist, for the Media Workers Against the War Conference 'THE FIRST CASUALTY? War, Truth, & the Media Today', at the London School of Economics on November 17th, 2007.
Rachel Corrie - In March 2003, a 23-year-old American peace activist, Rachel Corrie, was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza. Read this remarkable series of emails that she wrote to her family - email dated Feburary 27th is a must read.
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