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Fish is the main ingredient of the diet in Vietnam and many people earn their living through fishing. Vietnam exports seafood to Europe and many other countries. Prawns sold in British supermarkets are usually imported from Vietnam.

These photographs can be used to make children aware of where our food comes from or to support a discussion on the sustainable use of resources.


  • Vietnam was the first country in the world to plan for sustainable fishing and protecting its ecosystems, such as coral reefs, from over fishing.
  • Western countries consume three times as much fish as do people in majority world countries.
  • Between 1950 to 1990, there was a five-fold increase in the world's annual fish catch. Over fishing is regarded as being the greatest single threat to the diversity of life in the world's oceans

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Avni Arts
1. Everyday, the fishing boats bring fresh fish to seaside towns.
Avni Arts
Avni Arts
Avni Arts
4. The small round boats are woven out of bamboo and are called basket boats.
Avni Arts
5. They are light and easy to use. What could they be used for?
Avni Arts
6. Basket boats are used for travelling short distances, for bringing fish from the bigger boats to the shore and carrying goods.
Avni Arts
Avni Arts
8. The catch is unloaded onto the jetty and sorted.
Avni Arts
Avni Arts
10. The fish is cleaned and prepared for selling in the fish market along the shore.
Photographs by John Thompson
Young People's Trust
Hugh's Fish Fight




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