Useful links and resources for schools
www.insted.co.uk – for comprehensive links, current debates and advice by Robin Richardson on race equality, racist bullying and cultural diversity in education
Teaching about other cultures - download a list of dos and don'ts for class teachers to refer to
www.gapminder.org - an excellent website which shows the world's most important trends using vivid, interactive graphics. Teachers are able to select countries and topics to view a fascinating range of data.
World Resources Institute- This site provides access to latest greenhouse gats emissions data from 186 countries. Select countries and download graphs.

Food and farming

Important statistics about world hunger from the World Food Proegramme
Livestock produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns
What happened to our food - farming methods have led to deteriorating nutritional quality.

World Maps

Beware: world maps can mislead - essential information for teachers
World Mapper -700 maps to explore how the world would look if each country was resized according to its rates of consumption, population, numbers of migrants, wealth etc.
Choosing a map - a helpful overview from the Geographical Association

Children's rights

UN Convention of the Rights of the Child sets out the universally agreed minimum entitlements and freedoms that apply to all children everywhere.


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